Project 57 Chevy

 Wrap our 57 Chev in your branding to stand out at a Festival or Show. 

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What is Project 57 Chevy?

Its a whole NEW Concept in Promotional Vehicle Wraps

Here is your chance to wrap our 1957 Chevrolet in your branding and GET NOTICED!!

We are offering your business an opportunity to use this beautiful 57 Chev as a head turning bill board for events and shows.

How it Works:

1. Provide a Design or We can design one for you

2. Design Proof/Design Approval 

3. Printing and Production

4. You Tube Video (Included)

5. Event and Promotion duration

As each Wrap and Event will be different, Please contact us to discuss your unique project.

Note: This NOT a “Car Hire”. The car is to be attended by a Graphic Wraps/Trend Signs representative at all times. Insurance and security details may be required.

Orignal Designs by Graphic Wraps

Retro Rust wrap design is a Graphic Wraps exclusive design that 100% customisable to suit your new wrap.

Ned Kelly with our Smoke Flag design is very cool wrap representing our Aussie Outlaw theme. 

1957 Chevrolete 4 Door

The base colour of our 57 chev 4 Door is an easy colour to wrap over as it’s Cream with a white roof. 

The plain Jane colour is perfect blank canvas for wrapping as its a subtle colour with no bleed through making perfect for any colour vinyl wrap.

Full Graphic Design or Plain & Special effect Colours Available.

Wrap Video

The first colour we decided to wrap the 4 Door 57 Chev is 3M Deep Space Flip. Its a Dark blue metallic film with a colour shift From Blue, Green and Purple. You can see how much a simple colour change can change the appeal of the vehicle.

coming soon – Chevy 1957 Wrap – 3M Deep Space 

New Video Coming Soon


Plain Colour Wrap

Q. How much is a single plain colour full wrap?

A. Colour and Brand will vary costs.

We need to know colour and any specific branding. As a rough guide for a 3M colour flip wrap is approx $5000 + gst

Each day required to attend a venue is $250 + gst per day

Printed Branded Colour Wrap

Q. How much is a graphic designed colour full wrap?

A. Custom design will vary depending upon design requirements.

Custom artwork and design is $120 + gst per hour.

As a rough guide for a 3M Premium Cast wrap is approx $5000 + gst

Each day required to attend a venue is $250 + gst per day

Artwork Categories

We have many design styles. 100% all editable and mixable to create your own design.

Any questions please email or call 0423 006 619

Graphic Wraps artwork and designs are all copyright protected