Boat Wrap Gallery

Boat wrap gallery showing some of our previous boat wrap projects completed. All our designs are original artworks.

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Black Aussie Flag Boat Wrap

Grey Scale or in this case blackened Aussie flags do look great! This bar crusher has carbon fibre wrap to the cabin too.

Barra Hog Boat Wrap

Jarrod is back for his second custom design wrap… Darwin NT – C U IN THE NT!! 

Coral Trout Splash - Ocean Craft

Always fun to work with new shapes and this tube boat was that for sure.

Sail Fish Bone Fish - Stacer 428 Outlaw

Bonefish can be a fun way to be a little different… This Stacer presented like new once we finished with it.

Reaper - Plate Boat Wrap

Original Stock Reaper artwork edited to suit client colours and boat name.



Mangrove Jack - Quintrex 520 Renegade

Mangrove Jack original Stock design available in unlimited set up options….

Australian Flag - Bar Crusher

Australian Flag in greyscale with some snapper for a bit of colour. 

Stock Custom Design.

Fish Tales - Stessco Renegade 440

Fun Cartoon Style design. Our modern take from the Fish Tales pinball machine art.

Mahi Mahi & Occy - Cobia

Bone Fish Mahi Mahi & Occy scene is a very dynamic and stand out design.

Air Brushed Skulls - Sea Swirl

Digitally printed air brush style skulls boat wrap.

Pirate Boat Wrap - Bar Crusher

Old timber pirate boat wrap with blazing cannons and the option pirate babe.

Skullies - Bar Crusher

Blue tinted Skull air brush design. Tinted deep blue for this boat wrap

Custom - Plate Boat

Another very cool custom designed boat wrap.

Top Shelf Custom - Plate Boat

Makers Mark bourbon custom designed artwork “Top Shelf”

Carbon Fibre - Quintrex Renegade boat wrap

Carbon Fibre looks great in the sun as the texture creates a nice shimmer on the finish.

Poseidon - Haines Hunter

Poseidon design part of our Mythical artworks collection.

Mermaid Custom - Bar Crusher Boat Wrap

Mermaid custom boat wrap. All custom artwork for this boat wrap.

Business Boat Wrap Signage - Qunitrex Trident

Business boat wrap to suit your needs.

Tiger Monster Shark Boat Wrap

Tusk Tooth variant. This time we added scars, wound and a blue grey tone. We have many other Monster Shark designs too.

Monster Shark Camo - Stacer Boat Wrap

We have many Monster Shark designs. See our monster wrap page.

Aussie Flag Monster Shark - Quintrex Trident

Monster shark Tusk Tooth with waving Australian Flag as the body image. 

Mako Shark - Plate Boat

Shark from our monster art work range. We have lots of monster art.

Quintrex Renegade - Chameleon Camo

Chameleon Camo is avaiable in any colour.

Chameleon Camo - Quintrex Renegade

Choose any colour Chameleon Camo is available in any colour.A

GT - Quintrex Renegade

Giant Trevally design. One of our first designs.

Haines Hunter - Poseidon

Poseidon design part of our Mythical artworks collection.

Ice Age - Sea Swirl

Ice age custom boat wrap in Cairns QLD.

Blue Marlin Aussie Flag - Bayliner

The Aussie flag can be combined with most of our designed.

Marlin Splash - Bar Crusher

Reel Addicted Marlin Splash stock design is a great free design exclusive to Graphic Wraps.

Flathead - Bluefin Viking

One of our various flat headdesigns.. We added a crab to this one too.

Clark Boat Wrap - Marlin & King Fish Scene

BRP custom order Can-am spider wrap.

King Fish - Quintrex Dory

Nicely detailed brush style King Fish wrap.

Terminator Custom - Formosa Thomahawk

Terminator custom design boat wrap.

3M Colour Flip - Qunitrex Renegade

3M Colour Flip transitioning colours.

Piranha Attack - Qunitrex Cruise About

Piranha Attack is a custom designed horror theme. A real head turner.

Sea Monster - Sail Fish

Big dark Monster Shark , black with battle wounds and blood.

Crocodile - Plate Boat

Crocodile scene. Truly awesome design.

Myhtical - Trailcraft Sports Cab

Myhtical scene with one of our Marlin designs.

Snapper - Blue Fin Barracuda

Snapper Half Boat Wrap.

Rizky Boat - Quintrex Freedom Sport

 Set up using stock art and custom name.

Pelagic - Stacer Ocean Runner

Ocean Runner 525 Pelagic is a Black Chrome style of artwork.

Aus Flag Faded - Quintrex Freedom Sport

Australian Flag faded back with Black Chrome style fish art.

Gloss Metallic Blue - Sail Fish

Gloss Metallic Blue and rear quarter design.

Louis Vuitton - Fibrglass Boat

Custom Design pattern for this boat rap.

Matte Blue Metallic - Pressed Boat

Matte blue metallic colour change.

Quintrex Hornet - Bream Sunset

Designed using our stock Bream and Barra Sun Set background.

Bream - Quintrex Freedomsport

Stock custom design using our stock Bream and Barra background with some bait fish.

Gradient Colour - Plate Boat

Clean and simple colour gradient.

Plate Boat - Marlin Splash

Marlin Splash is another design that is very editable to suit your needs.

Sparkle Blue - Fibreglass Speed Boat Wrap

Colour change and clean up.

Jet Ski Wrap - Matte Black

Full matte black wrap. Custom racing numbers.

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