Australia Art

Australia art is ready for any type of printed wrap. From Boat wraps, wall art signage or even canvas prints.

Whale - Indigenous Art

Indigenous Whale Boat wrap

Helping Hand - Indigenous inspired art

Indigenous Boat Wrap

All our indigenous art works are vector designs so they can be easily edited in colour, size and scale. 

Ned Kelly Illustrated Artwork

Ned Kelly Boat Wrap
Ned Kelly Such Is Life
Ned Kelly Illustration 2

3 Body Poses with and without a coat. Add or remove the "Outlaw" and "Such Is Life" Banners.

Ned Kelly Art
Ned Kelly Boat Wrap

Ned Kelly illustrations are versatile and ready to be make you design stand out!

Brush Style 2

Ned Kelly Boat Wrap 2

One of the most iconic Australian characters, Ned Kelly needs no introduction… Let me know how you would like to use this character art in your next wrap design. This design is a very artistic brush style design.

Anzac Era

Anzac Boat Wrap

Our ANZAC art is another great design that needs to be seen in full size to appreciate the style and detail. The era changes from left to right. 

Crocodile Sunset Artwork

Crocodile Boat Wrap

Crocodile artwork has a few interesting options. We can put what ever you like like in its mouth. Stock options are Koala, Barramundi, Dingo, Foot or a hand. Great Australian sunset crocodile design.

Australian Animal Character Art

Australian Funny Scene
Australian Funny Characters

Lots of fun Australia animal character art taking the Aussie larrikin reputation and applying that to some of our iconic animals. Add them to your own design.

Skull Flag Montage

Skull Australian Flag

Australian Skull Flag WM
Australian Skull Flag WM 2

Our Australian flag art is a very unique design. Let us know what you would like to do.

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