DIY - Do It Yourself

DIY wrap kits can be set up to suit any type of wrap you would like, car, boat and wall wraps order to suit and install it yourself…… order off the roll and save $$.

Check out our videos page for hints and tips with installing films.

For all our designs please see our Artwork Page … All our design are available to purchase a DIY kits.

Camouflage – Battle Worn

Rusty Camouflage Roll

The design is fully scalable so you can choose how large the pattern will be.

Camouflage – Crazy Camo

Crazy Camo Roll

The design is fully vector scalable so you can choose how large the pattern will be.

Aussie Funny Scene

Aussie Scene Roll

We can set up any of our designs for wall wraps. Full height wall are not a problem either. We can print the design into vertical panels to suit the dimmesnions you require.

3M Colours

Stock is constantly changing. Please enquire for availability. Colours are best to view in person. We have all the colours swatch books to choose the colour from.

Film Types

There are 3 types of film for your selection.

1. Premium – Cast Vinyl Film

Cast vinyl film is made from premium virgin polymers. We typically prefer to use 3M as the adhesive has proven to be much more effective than its closest competitor. Cast films are much more flexible and suited for compound curves and shapes. Cast vinyl wrap film is the highest quality film available with a typical external vertical lifespan of 7 years.

Price is from $90 per m2 with Gloss clear over laminate.

Data Sheet Link

2. Intermediate – Polymeric Vinyl Film

Polymeric vinyl film is a high quality calendered film. Arlon is our goto brand for polymeric film as we have used it for many years and has proven consistent and reliable. Polymeric films are a lot more cost effective, however not suitable for compound curves shapes. Single direct curves and flat application. This high quality film a typical external vertical lifespan of 5 years.

Price is from $60 per m2 with Gloss/Satin Clear overlaminate.

Data Sheet Link

3. Budget – Monomeric Vinyl Film

Monomeric vinyl film is a good quality budget film. This film is used for flat application or single direction curves. Monomeric films tend to be a thicker and stiffer film due to the types of cost effective polymers. Print quality is still perfect and a decent quality product for cost effective stickers, promotional and short term applications. Lifespan is expected to be 3 years external application.

Price is from $40 per m2 with Gloss/Satin Clear overlaminate.

Standard Roll Widths are 1350mm wide.

Wholesale bulk printing services available – Please enquire

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