Brag Mats - Fish Measure Matt

Digitally printed heavy weight canvas Brag Mats and Sticker options available. 

All designs are customisable and you can choose any art from our catalogue for Free!… Add your logo and promotion details so your customers do the advertising for you. 

Standard Features

1. Angle Stop end. 25mm X 25mm at the “0” end

2. Gloss heavy duty canvas 

3. Free Artwork set up

4. Free artwork templates

5. HP latex scratch resistant and solvent free printing

6. Minimum order QTY = 20 per order

Standard Brag Mat Sizes

Standard Prices Start from:

Small 158mm X 1215mm = $18 each + gst

Medium 315mm X 1215mm = $24 each + gst

Large 315mm X 1515mm = $ 30 each + gst

Ready for custom order from QTY of 20 or more.  – CHECK OUR ARTWORKS for more design options.

Custom Sizes by request –

Brag Mats

Brag Mats

Custom Order examples with Client logos

Occy & Coral Cave Trout

Coral Cave Trout Brag mat

Mud Crab

1200mm Measure Mud Crab

Barra Jack

1200mm Barra Jack.


1200mm Barra Brag Mat

Tropical Coral Reef

Coral Reef Brag mat

Coral Trout

Coral Trout Brag mat

Samsom Beach Tavern - Brag Mat - 2020/2021 Barra Comp

Samson Tavern Brag Mat
Brag Mats Bulk order
Option 1 Brag mat Design

Custom order for Samson Beach Tavern 2020 - Thank you for your order!

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