Kraken Boat Wrap


Kraken Background

The Kraken BG WM

The Kraken! Big nasty Kraken at full HD quality. 

Grimm Reaper Boat Wrap

Grimm Reaper

Grimm Reaper WM 1

Grimm Reaper - Alt Colour - Any colour

Grimm Reaper has many stock edits. Colours, Chains, Skulls. Fog and a broken glass effect are all customisable.

Poseidon Boat Wrap

Poseidon Slim

Poseidon Slim WM

Poseidon FS

Poseidon WM FS

Poseidon artwork is a beautiful brush style artwork.

Neptune VS Kraken


Neptune VS Kraken

Neptune Alt

Neptune ALT WM

Neptune another awesome original design.

Armoured Bone Fish Boat Wrap

Armoured Bone Fish

Armoured Fish WM

Armoured Fish Background

Flames Background

Metalised Armoured Bone Fish. Another unique design that can be edited to suit.

Skull Gears Boat Wrap

Skull Gears

Skull Gears WM

Skull Gears - with Flames

Skull Gears Flames WM

Metal gears and mechanical scene. Main Gears have skulls that can be removed. Add background flames or colour.

Mermaid Boat Wrap 2

Mermaid & Sail Fish

Mermaid & Sail Fish

Mermaid & Sail Fish (Mod)

Mermaid & Sail Fish 2 Wm

A pretty mermaid and sailfish to brighten up your day. Ask us to modifiy this design to suit you.

Vintage Methology Boat Wrap

Vintage Methology

Vintage Mytholgogy WM

Vintage Methology - Inverted

Vintage Mytholgogy WM Chalk

A truy unique peice of art. Just use your imagination where this awsome art can go. We can change colours and edit all elements too. Amazing quality at full size.

Water Horse Boat Wrap

Water Horses & King Shark

Shark & Water Horses WM

King Shark

Shark Character WM

Water Horses & King Shark

Water Horses WM

King Shark

Water Horses Characters WM

Water Horses like most of our opriginal designs is completely editable to suit your needs. Just let us know what you would like.

Kraken Vs Pheonix Boat Wrap

Kraken Vs Phoenix

Kraken Vs Eagle Fire WM

Kraken Vs Eagle

Kraken Vs Eagle WM

Kraken Vs Phoenix – Another original design and concept by Graphic Wraps Team. 

Sea Witch Boat Wrap

Sea Witch

Sea Witch WM

Dark and moody with a very attractive Sea Witch with a serpents body. 

Sea Witch VG2 - Evil

Sea Witch Evil WM

Evil Sea Witch is attractive yet very sinister looking serpent lady.

Sea Witch V2 - Good

Sea Witch Good WM

Good Sea Witch is pretty and a caring face.. She is all good.

Sea Witch BG WM

We can us the background from any scene too.

Bone Fish Boat Wrap

Sailfish Bone Fish

Marlin Bone Fish WM

Sail Fish or Marlin Stock designs can be applied to any of our backgrounds.

GT Bone Fish

GT Bone Fish WM

GT Bone fish scene is another example of using the bone fish to create a scene.

Any combination of backgrounds from other scenes, any combination of other bone fish from our stock artwork library. 

Take your time to look around as we have a lot of art to consider.

Design Concepts - Combined with our Grimm Reaper Artwork.

Design Concepts Boat Wrap

A few examples of combining different designs to create an original design for your boat, wall art or man cave art.

Tribal Skulls Boat Wrap

Tribal Metal Skulls

Tribal Metal Skulls WM

Tribal Metal Skulls - Flames

Tribal Metal Skulls Flames WM

Tribal Metal design is a highly detailed design that is very strong and striking at full size. We can ad what ever you like or remove anything you like too.

Winged Skulls Boat Wrap

Winged Skulls

Winged Skulls 1 WM

Winged Skulls - Edit 1

Winged Skulls 2 WM

Winged Skulls is as versatile as all our other designs. Add from other and mix other designs to create your own original design for Endless posabilities.

Smoking Skulls Boat Wrap

Smoky Skulls

Smoky Skulls

Smoky skulls.. just says it all really.

Nightmare Tsunami

nightmare Tsunami WM

Any colour you like.

Flaming Skulls Boat Wrap

Flaming Skulls

Flaming Skull WM

Flaming Skulls Background

Flaming Skulls BG

Flaming skulls artwork is as versatile as all our art. Change colours and design lauout to suit your needs.

Speak No Evil Boat Wrap

Speak No Evil - Hear No Evil - See No Evil

Speak No Evil Hear No Evil See No Evil NB

Speak No Evil - Hear No Evil - See No Evil (Flames)

Speak No Evil Hear No Evil See No Evil

SNE, HNE, SNE A classic skull adapdation of the old wel known theme. We can add flames of any colour or edit as required.

Horror Boat Wrap

Piranha Horror

Piranha WM

Blood, eye balls, fingers and toes in this full horror scene….. Too Funny!

Shark Horror

Shark Horror WM

Sharks, Barracuda, blood, heads, noses adn body parts in another full gore scene.


Zombie Mayhem WM 1

Zombie v2

Zombie Mayhem WM 2

Zombie artwork is a 3D artwork. If you like horror then this editable design can be altered to suit.

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