Cartoon Art

Our cartoon art designs are drawn to be editable designs. Mix and match our awesome cartoon illustrated designs to create your own original design.

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Fish Tales Boat Wrap Monatge

Fish Tales

Fish Tales
Fish Tales - Eveneing

Remember that cool old pinball machine call Fish Tales? This is our modern interpretation on the old pinball theme. Its very different to the original however you can still see the influence. 

Funny Scene

Funny Cartoon Scene

Funny Scene WM Sunset
Funny Scene WM Day

Nice little funny cartoon theme to suit any wrap you like.

Australian Funny Boat Wrap

Australian Funny Scene

Australian Funny Scene


Australian Funny Characters

Australia funny art taking the Aussie larrikin style and applying it to some of our iconic native animals.

Popeye Boat Wrap

Popeye - White Background

Popeye 2 WM
Popeye WM
Popeye 2 WM
Popeye WM
Popeye 1 WM
Popeye Outline WM

Extremely editable secene. Every little piece is able to be moved, removed or used as a seperate item.

Pirate Boat Wrap


Pirate WM

No Background

Similar in drawing style as our Popeye art. All elements are layered so can be added or removed at as required.

Mechanical Boat Wrap


Mechinal WM
Mechinal WM BW

Mechanical is a really cool unique design.

Dinner Time Boat Wrap

Dinner Time

Dinner Time WM Day

Dinner Time - Night

Dinner Time WM Day Night

Nice little funny cartoon theme to suit any wrap you like.

Drinks with Friends

Drinks on the us

A modern comical approach to an old classic theme.

Bream Cartoon Scene

Bream Cartoon Scene

Bream drawn comically in a painted cartoon style.

Outback Boat Wrap

Australian Outback

Outback Day WM

Australian Outback - Evening

Outback Evening WM

Keep it simple with this vector art design.

Barracudda Wave Boat Wrap

Barracuda Wave

Barracuda Wave WM

Barracudda Wave is an concept design that can can used for any type of printed wrap.

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