Marine Artwork - Original Designs

 Our original Marine artworks are exclusive to us. We can customise any of our designs to meet and exceed your expectations.  

We provide 1 Hour Free artwork editing with most stock wrap designs so you don’t pay for artwork or licensing and no royalty payments ever!

All Artworks Copyright Protection

Barramundi boat Wrap


Barramundi Artwork WM

Barramundi Background

Barra Scene Variations

Barramundi art is a very versatile scene that we can edit and arrange to suit your needs. 

Mulloway Boat Wrap

Mulloway - Jew Fish

Mulloway 1

Mulloway - Jew Fish

Mulloway 2

Mulloway AKA Jewfish is another one of our great versatile artwork ready to customisation for your Boat Wrap, Sign or Man cave art. Just let us know what you would like to do.

Red Emperor Slim Boat Wrap

Red Emperor Slim

Red Emperor WM

Red Emperor FS

Red Emperor Art reef design. Edit this as you like.

Coral Cave Boat Wrap

Coral Cave

Coral Cave Artwork

Coral Cave Background

Coral Cave Background

Coral Cave is very, very detailed and full of colour. Attention to detail and editable to suit your needs.

Coral Trout Boat Wrap

Coral Trout

Coral Trout WM

Coral Trout Background

Coral Trout Back Ground WM

Coral Trout artwork is a great highly eye catching artwork that is completely editable for any situation.

Mangrove Jack Boat Wrap

Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jack WM 1

Mangrove Jack 2

Mangrove Jack 2

Mangrove Jack - Alt Background

Mangrove Jack WM

Mangrove Jack artwork is as editable and versatile so you can add or change most parts with our other artworks.

Blue Swimmer Crab Boat Wrap

Blue Swimmer Crab

Blue Swimmer Crabs WM

Blue Swimmer Crab Background

Blue Swimmer Crabs Back Ground

Blue Swimmer Crab is a nice clean highly detailed artwork. Wall wraps, shirts, stickers and everything else.

Mud Crab Boaty Wrap Design

Mud Crab 2020

Mud Crab Boat Wrap Art
Mud Crab Artwork Vinyl Wraps
Mud Crab Boat Wrap

Mud Crab

Mud Crab Art

Mud Crab artwork. 

Murray Cod Boat Wrap

Murray Cod

Murray Cod WM 2

Murray Cod - Dark

Murray Cod WM 1

Murray Cod Artwork design is another orignal that is very editable to suit your needs.

Crocodile Artwork

Crocodile artwork has a few intersting options. We can put what ever you like like in its mouth. A stock options are Koala, Barramundi, Dingo, Foot or a hand. Yes we can also put your EX’s head in its mouth…. not that anyone would want to do that, Right!?

Deep Sea Creatures Boat Wrap

Deep Sea Creatures

Deep Sea Creatures

Deep Sea Creatures - Custom Slim

Deep Sea Creatures Viper Fish

Deep Sea Creatures - Custom Hammerhead

Deep Sea Creatures Hammerhead

Deep Sea Creatures is another original concept design that is very adjustable to any dimensions and can be combined with most of our other designs.

White Shark Boat Wrap

White Shark

White Shark Artwork

White Shark Background

White Shark Background

Great White Shark artwork. Dark and moody scene that is surprisingly calming to look at.

Blue Eye Cod Boat Wrap

Blue Eye Cod 1

Blue eye Cod Boat Wrap 1

Blue Eye Cod 2

Blue eye Cod Boat Wrap 2

Blue eye cod from the deep dark ocean. Dark deep colours and rich dynamic contrast.

Dolphin Boat Wrap


Dolphins Background

Dolphins is another colourful and highly detailed scene. We can remove or move or resize any of the dolphins coral or fish to make this design suit your needs.

GT & Hammer Head Shark

GT Illuminance

GT Illuminance WM

GT Illuminance HD quality down to the smallest scales.

Hammer Head Shark

Hammerhead Shark Art

Hammer Head Shark, Deep dark and detailed scene. Any customization you like.

Humpback Whales Boat Wrap

Humpback Whales

Humpback Background

Humpback Whale Background

Humpback Whales is simply beautiful and calming artwork. At full size 8m X 1.5m its just stunning.

King Fish Boat Wrap 1


King Fish Art

King Fish V2

King Fish V2

King Fish Sports

King Fish - Background Rolling Wave

Rolling Wave Background

King Fish is painted in a traditional painted style that just looks amazing printed in wide format.

Mahi mahi Bone Fish Boar Wrap

Mahi Mahi Bone Fish

Bone Fish designs are a fun and a little different escpecially when you mix them with any of our other designs. As you can see our Octopus design works very well with this bone fish design to creat a very cool and dymanic new artwork.

Mahi mahi Bone Fish & Ocotopus

Mahi Mahi Bone Fish & Occy WM

Mahi mahi Bone Fish & Ocotopus

Mahi Mahi Bone Fish & Occy
Mahi Mahi Dolphin Fish Boat Wrap

Mahi Mahi 1

Dolphin Fish Scene

Mahi Mahi 2

Mahi Mahi WM

Mahi Mahi Background

Mahi Mahi Background

Mahi Mahi design has great colours adn lots going on in the scene. We can edit anything you like to make it your own. Just let us know.

Mako Shark Boat Wrap

Mako Shark

Mako Shark WM

Mak Shark Background

Mako Shark Backgound WM

Mako shark chomping a tuna in half…. Yes it can edited to suit your tastes.

Manta Ray Boat Wrap

Manta Ray art designed with attention to detail positive colours in a huge 8m X 1.5m. All our designs can be printed small or huge. Can be edited to suit.

Marlin Boat Wrap

Marlin Scene 1

Marlin 1 WM


Marlin Scene WM

Marlin Background

Marlin Open Water - Clean

Marlin Open Water WM

Marlin design is a dymanica design that is easily edited to suit your own design ideas… Just let us know what you would like to do.

Splash Boat Wraps

Marlin Carbon Splash - Carbon fibre subtle textured background.

Marlin Carbon Splash

Marlin Splash 2

Marlin Carbon Splash 2

Marlin Splash - Original

Marlin Splash WM

Mahi Mahi Splash 2

Mahi Mahi Splash 2

Snapper Splash

Snapper Splash 2

Coral Trout Splash

Coral Trout Splash

Splash Designs are easily customisable to what ever you like. Boat names, add characters or change out the background with a flag. Endless options.

Snapper Boat Wrap


Snapper WM

Snapper Background

Snapper BG WM

Snapper artwork is just as editable as our other designs. Let us know how we can adjust this design to suit.

Snapper Mahi Hybrid boat wrap

Snapper - Mahi Mahi - Flathead

Snapper Mahi Flathead

Snapper - Mahi Mahi - Moray Eel

A colourful mix of a few stock designs showing the versatility of our artwork.

Spanish Mackerel Boat Wrap

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel WM

Spanish Mackerel Background

Spanish Mackerel BG WM

Tuna Wave

Tuna Wave Background

Tuna Wave BG WM
Bone Fish Boat Wrap

Sailfish Bone Fish

Marlin Bone Fish WM

Sail Fish or Marlin Stock designs can be applied to any of our backgrounds. 

Bone Fish - Stock Species

Bone Fish can be produced for many species. 

GT Bone Fish

GT Bone Fish WM

GT Bone fish scene is another example of using the bone fish to create a scene.

Any combination of backgrounds from other scenes, any combination of other bone fish from our stock artwork library. 

Take your time to look around as we have a lot of art to consider.

Bone Fish WM 3
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