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Great White Boat

Great White Shark

Great White Shark Wrap
Great white Shark Wraps

Great White Shark!! King of all sharks. Ask us to customise it to suit your needs.

Mako Boat Wrap

Mako Shark

Mako Shark Wrap
Mako Aussie Flag

Mako Shark. Great artwork for a small tinny or an off short monster boat! Get it on!

Tiger Shark Boat Wrap

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark Wrap
Tiger Shark Wraps

Tiger Shark boat wrap. This bad boy will make any boat a beast.

Monster Shark Template 1

Monster Shark Templates 1

Monster Shark Template 3

Monster Shark Templates 3

Monster Shark Template 5 - Tusk Tooth

Monster Shark Templates 5

Monster Shark Template 2

Monster Shark Templates 2

Monster Shark Template 4

Battle Wounds

Monster Shark templates start here as grey. From here we add colours, Textures, Battle Wounds and scars, Flag backgounds and anything else you like.

All Artwork Copyright Protected

Copying, modelling or reproducing any design in anyway is in breach of international copyright laws.

Coral Trout Boat Wrap

Monster Coral Trout

Monster Coral Trout WM

Monster Dolphin Fish

Monster Mahi Mahi

Big mean and awesome fish.. why not make one of them your boat wrap.

Fire Demon Boat Wrap

Fire Monster Demon

Fire Monster Boat Wrap

Fire monster artwork. Different colours available.

Monster Crocodile Boat Wrap

Monster Crocodile

Monster Crocodile

Monster Crocodile Boat Wrap

Boat Montage 1 2019

Monster Boar

Monster Boar Art

Monster Boar

Wild Boar AUS Flag

Love pig hunting? Then this wild boar is the boat wrap for you. Ask us to customise it for you.

Monster Wolf Boat Wrap

White Wolf

White Wolf WM

Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf WM

Monster Wolf is big mean and awesome!

Monster Dragon Boat Wrap

Monster Dragon

Monster Dragon Boat Wrap

Japanese Dragon Boat Wrap

Japanese Dragon

Japanese Dragon WM

Japanese Dragon. Would look great on a small or large boat.

Snake Boat Wrap

Monster Snake

Monster snake Boat Wrap art. 

Barracuda Boat Wrap

Monster Barracuda

Barracuda WM

Monster Barracuda Boat Wrap

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