Monster Wrap Art

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Mako Shark

Mako Shark Wrap 2
Mako Shark Boat Wrap

Mako Shark. Great artwork for a small tinny or an off short monster boat! Get it on!

Great White Monster Shark

Great White Monster Shark Boat Wrap 2
Great White Monster Shark Boat Wrap

Great White Shark!! King of all sharks. Ask us to customise it to suit your needs.

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark Monster Boat Wrap 2
Monster Tiger Shark Boat Wrap

Tiger Shark boat wrap. This bad boy will make any boat a beast.

Monster - Savage Tooth Shark

Monster Savage Tooth Shark

Aussie Flag - Rip Tooth Shark

Aussie Flag Monster Shark

Black - Shred Tooth Shark

Black Monster Shark Boat Wrap

Camo - Scraper Tooth Shark

Scraper Tooth Shark Boat Wrap

Demented Monster Shark

Demented Shark Boat Wrap

Edit to any colour, skin or teeth set….. All customisable.

Monster Coral Trout

Monster Coral Trout Boat Wrap

Monster Dolphin Fish

Mahi Mahi Monster Boat Wrap

Fire Monster Demon

Fire Demon Boat Wrap

Monster Crocodile

Crocodile Boat Wrap

Monster Boar + Rusty Camo

Wild Board Camo Boat Wrap

Monster Boar

Wild Boar Boat Wrap


Rino Boat Wrap

White Wolf

Wolf Boat Wrap

Monster Dragon

Dragon Boat Wrap

Monster Dragon Boat Wrap

Japanese Dragon

Japanese Dragon Boat Wrap

Monster Snake

Black Snake Wrap

Monster Barracuda

Barracuda Boat Wrap

Orca Killer Whale

Orca Killer Whale Boat Wrap


Aliens Boat Wrap


Gorilla Boat Wrap