Artwork Templates - Original Designs

Our highly detailed original designs are like no others. We spend a lot of time investing in original designs. We believe in providing truly unique original designs so you can be proud to show of your one of a kind boat wrap. 

All art can be made into any type of printed wrap or sign to suit any shape or size or use.

Designs created in house – Designs printed in house – Designs installed in house – Full service under one roof!

Free! Original Stock Artwork!

1. Do you want Free Artwork ?. . . . . YES! – OK no problem – Free stock Art with every wrap. That’s a saving of hundreds right there.

2. Don’t want to pay for Licence or Royal Fees ? . . . . . Yep! No problem NO Fees.

3. Don’t want to pay for editing? . . . . . OK – We will offer you 1 hour free graphic design to edit/combine our designs with a wrap purchase.

Generic Clipart

So many of our competitors have rushed into the boat wrap market using Generic clip art lacking in originality, detail and quality or any genuine substance…. Sadly this is happening more and more, robbing actual artists from earning a living… 

Please support passionate original artist’s unique artworks so we can keep providing truly original designs.

However if you really like a generic design by a competitor I would love the opportunity to vastly improve the design either by using the same generic clipart or by adding or combing our style and detailed design skills for free. Yes!… more free art time for you.

We also have access to all generic clipart files that are available from all the usual places…… Chances are we have even more discontinued clip art from the old days. 🙂 

All Artworks Copyright Protection

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