We only use the latest and best technology with no solvents so you and your investment is safe. Only using genuine HP printers and HP Latex inks that are free off solvents and harsh toxic chemicals. This means our printing free from toxic fumes and is safe for our operators and for our clients. Other benefits of using the HP latex wide format printers is the fact that is the most environmental friendly printing process available.

HP 360 Latex Printer – 64” Wide Format Printer – Model:Generation 3

Our newest printer. Since buying this printer we have been so impressed with the speed, colour and quality of the printing.

The fact the there are no solvents used means that no harmful fumes are emitted during printing and drying time. Also the print is dry as it comes out of the printer.

We can laminated the print as soon as it comes out of the printer so no more long drying times. Print, laminated and install is now a much faster process.