Providing a quote for your wrap needs to be priced in 3 separate parts.

1. Design.

Design will depend exclusively on your requirements and whether you want custom design or use one of our Free graphic wrap artwork stock templates.

2. Measurements and panel sizes.

Accurate measurements of your car, truck, boat or other structure are required. Typically digitally printed cast vinyl with gloss clear over laminate is $120 per lineal at 1350mm wide. Plain colours are typically cheaper than printed films.

3. Installation.

Installation will be quoted to you once we have inspected your project here at our Taren Point, factory office.

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Wraps can last as long as any 2 Pac painted surface as long as it is cared for properly.

Our premium cast film with clear over laminate has a 7 year life expectancy on vertical surfaces. Keeping your wrap clean and washed with the right automotive products can extend the life of the graphics well past a decade or more.

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Your existing surface will need to be in good shape. No flaking or loose paint. No chalky paint or oxidising aluminium as the graphic wrap vinyl will have issues adhering to poor quality surfaces. Old surfaces need a lot more time in preparation than new surfaces to get them ready for a properly installed vinyl wrap.

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Yes!… However it takes time, patience, concentration and the knowledge with the right tools. You will also need and nice clean dust free environment with plenty of room both sides, like a two car garage at least.

We don’t recommend trying to install a full wrap to start with. Maybe something smaller to get you going first.

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Each car or boat make and model is very different in material, shape, finish and fittings. Your sides will vary in height, width and length. Sides may look flat however it may have many compound curves and creases that will increase the install time required to complete the vinyl wrap install. Fittings will need to be removed during the graphic wrap install process then refitted when the graphic install is completed.

Good News!…. we can do many different things to help keep the price down for you. Request a Free quote or more info Contact us

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Vinyl wrapping can cost as little as a third of the price of a 2 Pac paint job. Vinyl graphic wraps are much faster to produce, install and can be removed without damaging your existing painted or unpainted finish.

If you damage a boat wrap it is much cheaper to replace the boat wrap vinyl as apposed to repainting the boat.

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Yes we do. We have plenty of videos added to our You Tube channel all the time.

See our Video page in this web site

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There a many different reasons for vinyl wrapping.

Wraps are more versatile and can protect your existing finished surface from UV and damage. Graphic wraps are the best way of expressing your passion about what your into or to promote yourself or your business.

As a business you get the best exposure to all possible clients everywhere you go.

Vinyl Wraps are a lot cheaper than painting and can be removed.

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Yes!… The vinyl will protect you paint from the suns UV and minor scratches. It will alos help protect against stone ships etc.

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Yes!… All our printed films will have a clear layer of film laminated over the top of the print. This clear layer will help protect the film from mild abrasions and UV effects from the sun.

It also give the wrap a high gloss level finish.

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Also know as vinyl wrap or self adhesive vinyl film.

The film can be either a plain solid colour or a printed film. Thousands of colours are available including metallic’s, opalescent’s, textured films including carbon fibre, leather, timbers, crocodile skin and the list goes on in many colours.

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